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Traditional Parenting

The most friendly, stable, and competent children tend to come from families that raise children with love, firm guidance, and at least occasional spanking.

Lots of Love & Fun

When parents do life with their kids, showing warmth and empathy, it motivates children to participate in cooperative strategies and is associated with the development of an internalized moral compass.


Some children seem to mature just fine without spanking. But some other children don’t. Like it or not, some children seem to have a very hard time learning and maturing normally without concrete lessons from tangible discipline methods — like spanking.

High Demands

Firm guidance appears to be especially important during the first six years of a child’s life. It encourages children to develop life skills when they do not naturally push themselves to assume responsibility. For example, making a child share increases the likelihood that he will continue to share, even when not required to.


The most friendly, stable, and competent children have also been surrounded by the joy of living and knowing they are liked.


Consistency, consistency, consistency. Same action, followed by same response leads to more confident children. Conflict between parents, unclear rules, or rules not applied consistently are confusing to children. If behavior is followed by pleasure or satisfaction at least some of the time, they have reason to repeat it.

Best Outcomes

Consistent traditional parenting stimulates children to become self-motivated and engage in difficult tasks. This helps explain why children in these families are the most achievement oriented and the most competent.

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Consistency. We can train kids to do anything if we plan it out and are consistent. Heavy work up front pays off down the road.
We have noticed our kids are more happy, content and confident in response to our parenting.
The B Family
Having more tools in our belts to discipline, the hope of more obedient children, and freeing up the family to focus on the Lord
We are now winning conflicts with B.
The T Family
Thanks so much for all the wisdom and training you provided for us. It’s already starting to transform our family 🙂
The L Family
Consistency is key; don’t lead with the abstract; you can train for absolutely anything

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